Self-Guided Walking Tour – The Best Riverside Drive Monuments to Explore

Take a stroll along one of the most scenic streets in Manhattan. Walking Riverside Drive, adjacent to the Hudson River, you will see some of the most eclectic architecture the Upper West Side can offer. This leisurely 1.9 mile walk provides the opportunity to discover and enjoy a number of historic monuments along the way.

Begin the Tour

  1. Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial – Riverside & W. 72nd Street
  2. Hamilton Fountain – Riverside & W. 76th Street
  3. Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Plaza – Southern End of the Promenade & W. 83rd Street
  4. Soldiers and Sailor Monument – Riverside & W. 89th Street
  5. Joan of Arc Monument – Riverside & W. 93rd Street
  6. John Merven Carrere Memorial – Riverside & W. 100th Street
  7. General Franz Sigel Monument – Riverside & 106th Street
Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial
Hamilton Fountain
Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Plaza
Soldiers’ and Sailors Monument
Joan of Arc Monument
John Merven Carrere Memorial
General Franz Sigel Monument

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